Top/Best Custom ROMs for Android Device after Rooting via KingoRoot

    Flasing a custom ROM may be the main reason for many users to root their device via KingoRoot.  In the last paragraph we introduce a tutorial on how to flash a custom ROM on rooted device. Via the tutorial you know the basic operation about flashing a custom ROM. Next you will wonder how many kinds of Custom ROMs there are and which one should I use to flash.

    Every custom ROM has its features and you can choose the one suitable for your device. The paragraph next we will provide you the best Custom ROMs  that really give your device an attractive interface. Before you flash the custom ROM you had better have a look at the best custom ROMs which you will benefit a lot.

Paranoid Android

    Paranoid Android is a custom ROM which aims to extend the system and works to enhance the existing beauty of Android. It is a ROM you can not miss. The ROM is really fast and stable. It has so many features that other ROM does not provide such as pie, hide the system bars globally and change colors according to Apps etc. You will realize how amazing it is while you flash it on your device.

    Paranoid Android supports tons of devices such as the Nexus series, OPPO and the OnePlus One. Before flash the custom ROM to your device you should check the the Supported device first.


    CyanogenMod gained great popularity among others for the reason that enables millions of users to customize their devices to improve the performance. This ROM has so many amazing features such as: provide privacy guard, the ability to blacklist telemarketers, robot-callers and annoying people by flagging them, change the look of the entire OS through the integrated theme engine and manage root access to the applications etc.

    CyanogenMod is suitable for Nexus devices and older Samsung and HTC handsets. You should review the Supported device first.


    AOKP stands for Android Open Kang Project. This ROM is distributed for several high-end Android devices. You will be able to find all the settings of ROM in the Settings. It is featured by change the software key colors, backup APKs and custimize LED notifications for each app etc.  You will be able to have a multitude of toggles to quickly flip a lot of your phone’s settings right at your fingertips. All these features are useful and can leave you a awesome device.

    This ROM can be flashed on bunches of devices including HTC, Motorola and Samsung. You can get the list of the Supported devices before flash the ROM.

Pac-Man ROM

    Pac-Man ROM offers a unique custom ROM experience with its own tweaks and options. The ROM gives a fresh look to your android. It is the best way to get rid of the boring look of stock ROM by flashing this ROM.  The ROM is at high performance and is truly an all in one ROM because it gathers the best features of several ROMs.

    However, this ROM is only available on the following device: Nexus 4, Galaxy Note 2, Galaxy S2 and Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Liquid Smooth ROM

    If you want to increase the performance of your device Liquid Smooth ROM is the best option for you. It emphasises on performance and speed and which makes it famous. You can customize Navbar options,  AOKP system animation control, supports other themes and volume rocker wakes up ect.

It is compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3.


    Though SlimROMs has low capacity, the features are pretty amazing. The interface is so simple and great. The features are like customizing notification drawer,  SlimPIE for the app shortcuts and custom quick settings to use whatever you want etc.  You can set your apps in the right corner.

    The ROM supports bunches of  phones and tablets  including the Galaxy S series, Nexus series, Sony Xperia S and HTC ONE X.  You should find the all the Supported devices  first.

Vanilla RootBox

    Vanilla RootBox is one interesting and refreshing ROM. This ROM gathers the super features of the above ROMs and does not leave behind the other ROMs. The ROM also includes features like Per app colors, Per app UI, OTA updates which makes the ROM an awesome one.

    The ROM is Currently Available for the following devices:  Galaxy Nexus (maguro only),Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Galaxy Note 2 (N7100, L900, i605), Samsung Galaxy S2 (I9100, I9100G),Samsung Galaxy S3 (I9300, I747, T999, I535)

    All the ROMs above are Top Custom ROMs for Android Device.  Please select the stable one that is for your android model. Keep in mind if you flash a wrong or buggy ROM there will be risk that bricks your phone. Before you flash the custom ROM please do more research to make sure if it's compatible with your device. Hope you will like the article and share it with others.