How to Save Battery Life via Kingo SuperBattery

Mobile phone enables us to keep in touch with others without waiting and we may do official stuffs with the phone. Thus mobile phone plays an important role in our daily life. But the battery runs out in a surprising fast way than we expect. Considering the amount of tasks that your device carries out the battery life is a selling point. Faced with the battery longevity problem it is very important to consider an effective way to extend battery life.

How Android batteries work

    First, we should make sense how the battery powers your phone. Most smartphones have either a lithium-ion battery or a lithium-polymer battery. In fact they both are lithium-ion, which means that they will not remember the level you charge--you can charge them from any level and you don't have to charge them to 100 percent all the time.

    There is a saying that we should use up the battery before we charge it. As a matter of fact, lithium-ion batteries face the problem of low voltage problems, so it's better to partially charge them than fully charge or fully drain.

Every year we will witness some definite improvements in phones but the battery life haven't kept pace with other technological advances. Thus no matter how good your device might be there will be one eternal problem: How can I extend my Android device's battery life?

There are many tips and tricks to increase the battery life.

Dim the screen's brightness

Since the screen is one of the biggest battery suckers if you want to improve your battery life, you can lower the screen's brightness. Most android users will use display auto-brightness. However the atuo-brighter is usually brighter than you really need. Just manually set the brightness to a level that is low but comfortable and adjust it when necessary.

Keep your softwares updated

Every time developers update apps, there will be great improvements that ensure stability, higher performance speed, fix some bugs and improve battery life. Make sure your apps updated and delete old apps you no longer use since such apps may run in the background which will drain the battery.

Turn off vibration

Switch off vibration unless you really need it , for instance, you are in a situation where you would not be able to hear your cell phone. It takes more power to produce the vibration alert than just rind alert, which will definitely drain your battery. If you want to extend battery life, please turn off vibration alerts.

Shut down notifications

We used to keep the notifications on so that we can see the message or emails sent to us without delay. Please do not allow all your apps to sync their data automatically. Just sync the apps that really needs, which can really reduce power consumption.

Limit location services

You can save the battery by turning off location services. If you allow your apps to use your location services with WI-FI they will send your precise location and data to Google servers. The process will definitely requires power. Please prevent the apps from using your location information.

Turn off the apps that you don’t use

Multi-tasking is a characteristic of Android operating system so there may be several apps running in the background which will not only waste the cellular service but drain the battery. Make sure the apps you do not need are turned off to reduce battery consumption.

You can customize your phone to obtain administrative rights to the system by rooting your phone. After rooting you can use the apps that are only avaliable for rooted phones, which will help you optimize the phone and ipmrove the user experience. Next I will recommend two apps that are used most to save battery life.

Kingo SuperBattery

Kingo SuperBattery is the best Android battery saver app for free which I highly recommend. It is easy to operate and can do many things after installation. You can do such things with the app.

  • Close background apps and services to optimize your phone. Accurately forecast remaining usage time of your battery.
  • Manage all auto-start apps and prevent them from auto-starting after reboot.
  • Close settings that will consume your battery life easily by one click in Kingo SuperBattery and save the trouble to go to "Settings".

L Speed

L Speed is one of the most popular app on Google Play that helps you greatly extend battery life through  tweaking inside an intuitive application after rooting. It is not only can extend your battery, but also improve the overall performance of you Android phones. You can download this app from Google Play.

There are many battery-saving apps available to root users. You have to root your phone first. Here I highly recommend you can root your phone via KingoRoot both PC and APK version, which offers the easiest and fastest Android rooting experience for almost all devices and has the highest success rate. After rooting you can have the administrator rights to optimize your phone. And you can uninstall the bloatware which will also help reduce battery consumption. You can seek other apps that can help prolong battery life.