Top Reasons to root your android with KingoRoot

After rooting your Android device with KingoRoot, then what? This leads to the question, why root your device at all? Will you benefit from it? Absolutely. This artical will show you the top 7 reasons(benefits) to root your Android.

If you have no idea what root is all about, please refer to Android Rooting.


If you ever talked to people who rooted their Android devices , you will discover that it is one of the most popular options to block ads. No one likes to see ads, especially when they are playing games or surfing the internet.

The worst part of mobile advertisements is that they are intentionally put at the place where you will most likely tap on the screen. A single misplaced tap could lead you to a shady app download page or malicious website.

If your device is rooted with Kingo Android Root, then all these problems will be easily solved.


By the time you buy a new Android device, it comes with dozens of crapware and bloatware apps pre-loaded. Those apps take up your valuable storage space, in some cases, they run in the background stealing away performance and battery life from your device.

If you do not root your device, it is beyond your control to uninstall these apps. Manufacturers and carriers disable the “uninstall” function, which means all of these apps will stay in your device although you never use these apps.

Fortunately, rooting Android with KingoRoot will make it possible for  you to uninstall the pre-loaded crapware. Deleting the crapware can unfreeze your space and improve your performance.


Battery life is one of the most common complaints about Android. Almost every user complains about battery life.To slove this,not only by using apps, but also install custom ROMs which are specifically designed to boost battery life.

Many of the custom ROMs are available aim to improve battery life through internal efficiency settings, like app and network activity management, and the removal of crapware and bloatware apps.

There's also an app called Kingo SuperBattery, available on the Android market. There are plenty of other battery-saving apps out there--many not requiring root access--but Kingo SuperBattery goes to the extreme, aiming to provide automatic management of your data connection and radio bands, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. Using Kingo SuperBattery will be one of the best way to improve your battery life.


Why am I always behind the latest updates. This may be the most common complaints among Android users, less than half of whom have made it as far as Lollipop.

Between the Google, the carriers, and the hardware manufacturers, there are a lot of behind closed doors that determines when (or if) your phone gets an upgrade. Who has the patience?

Once you rooted with Kingo Android Root, you just have to find the OS version you want (optimized for your specific device), and it's generally extremely easy to install the latest and greatest OS versions as you wish.


Your Android phone ran very fast when you first got it. As the time passed by you will find the performance of your Android OS starts to slow down. Many would wonder what method to adopt so as to imporve the performance of the device.

What's worse it will take a long time to switch to the new task or back to the desktop. When we face such issues what we usually do is to update software, disable system apps, remove unwanted apps and do a factory reset. But these are all temporary methods and the device will become slow down again after a period of use.

Rooting is an effective method and after rooting users will be able to gain access to the phone's sub-system and allows you to access the entire operating system to optimize your device by the apps only avaliable to the rooted users. After rooting with Kingo Android Root you can just overclock processor to increase the speed of the device. And you can obtain root access to use the best apps that help you free up space.


In order to get rid of worrying about forgetting or being unable to back up certain components of your phone you need to fully back up and restore your Android phone. Here the components include not only your address book or your emails but everything exclusive of the things stored on the SD card that resides on your phone. The phone's current state will be created as a full image and the image will be written to your SD card. You can copy it and back up on your computer.

However, fully back up needs the device rooted. If you want this function your device should be rooted with KingoRoot. After rooting you will be able to use the apps exclusive avaliable on rooted device to help you better back up.


The final reason for rooting your handset is the wider range of customization and options, after all who doesn’t want their home screens looking well.

Many people hate the software skins that hardware manufacturers use to brand their devices. They're often ugly, unwieldy, or just not as clean and functional as stock Android. They're also a big reason those OS updates take so long.

So if you want to change the skin, root it with KingoRoot ! Once you do, you can download and install any of custom-built ROMs. Some of them are highly customized and tweaked to add features, and others are basically just stock Android. Cleaning off an ugly skin can be like a breath of fresh air.

In a nutshell, if you want your Android to be fun, root it first with Kingo Android Root!

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