SuperSu developer | Chainfire Announces to halt development on root-related apps

Chainfire, the famous developer who has created Android apps like SuperSu and FlashFire which help users to root their Android devices. Rooting means you are a superuser that can break any restrictions of an Android. The develop announced that all of his root-related applications were end-of-life on May 5, 2018. Chainfire said he took a break from Android around half a year ago and that he is now working on a non-Android project that is taking up most of his time.

Legend Achievement of Chainfire

SuperSu, created by chainfire has brought root access to millions of Android users worldwide. Chainfire's knowledge of Android boot images has helped countless developers. And he achieves systemless-root access on Google Pixel which is considered standard. He has also created a variety of root-related apps, like Flashfire, website, Live Boot and so on.

Whether the apps will continue

Fans of his applications will be sad to hear that development will no longer continue. While the apps might work as they are now, there’s now even less assurance they will in future Android versions. While open sourcing those apps could go a long way in preserving them, Chainfire is still uncertain of that course of action.