How to Root Your Nexus Phone or Tablet via Nexus Root Toolkit

If you have read the How to get root access on Android 6.0 devices from KingoRoot

Maybe many nexus users will interested in Nexus Root Toolkit. It is a special tool designed for root nexus devices. One of the best choice for rooting nexus devices.

With this powerful tool you may

  • Install drivers and backup apps + data for nexus devices
  • Unlock & root your nexus
  • Restore nexus from your backup
  • Flash Stock + Unroot and OEM lockfor your device
  • Automatically select and download the up to date files you need
  • Auto-detect your device and build

Rooting involved risks. Proceed with caution. Root at your own risk.
No one is responsible for bricking your device.

Before you start to root your device, there are some preparation work you should do first.
Unlock your bootloader.
Backup your important data.

Install the Nexus Root Toolkit

Download the Nexus Root Toolkit developed by WugFresh.

After you download open the exe file. Choose a folder you want to install it, then click install.

When installation is finished, it will turn to the update checker

Wait a while until the update is finished.

Driver Installation

Please installed KingoRoot, just connect your device and then open KingoRoot. We will install driver for you automatically.

Back Up

The root process will wipe your device, so you’d better back it up first. Click the Backup button to back up your device.

  • Click the Create Android Backup File
  • Click the  to create a backup file include your apps + data and shared data

  • Press OK to continue
  • Chosse a name and a location for your backup files and press save
  • Your device will reboot automatically
  • Press OK if you are ready to initiate the backup
  • Tap the Back up my data/media button that appears in the buttom of your device’s screen to continue
  • Just wait several seconds the backup will finished

Unlock & Root

Once your Nexus is backed up, use the Unlock button to unlock your device's bootloader. The unlock process reset your device, so please check again you’ve backed up before move to next step!

You’ll be prompted to check OEM Unlock in Settings > Developer Opinions is enabled or not. Press OK if you are ready to continue.

You’ll see a prompt of Unlock Bootloader Information. Press OK to continue.

You would now see a screen on your device titled : 'Unlock booloader?'

On your device highlight 'Yes' to unlock with the VOLUME keys...

Then use the POWER button to select it.

The bootloader will be unlocked and your Nexus will be wiped and reset to its factory state. You’ll have to go through the setup process on your Nexus and enable USB debugging mode again before continuing.

Click root to begin the rooting process

If you want to flash the custom recovery during the root process. Click the custom recovery in the button. If you want to root your Nexus you will need a 'Unlocked Device. Press OK if you are ready to continue.

The rooting process will going automatically. When the automated rooting procedure complete, press OK to exit.

Restore from Backup

You’ll now probably want to restore your Nexus from the backups. Click the Restore button.

Before you start to restore turn the airplane mode on

Use the Restore Android Backup File button, selecting the backup files.

If your device is rooted with SuperSU and your *.ab file contains system apps + data:

-Open 'SuperSU' > Settings > 'Default access' > 'Grant'

-Then also check 'Trust system user'

Press OK to choose your ab backup file

Click open to move on

Your device will restart automacally

Press OK if you are ready to initiate restore.

Restoring start automatically

When you see 'Process finished!' press OK to exit.