How to Know My Android is Rooted

A smartphone becomes the common household of a family in this digital times. However, you may surprisedly find that your Android phone is becoming slower and slower after using for a period. If you have been looking for a method to improve the performance of your Android device, rooting is the only way. You may interest in how a rooted device will look like or whether your android has been rooted or not.

Rooting means modifying the operating system that shipped with your Android device which grant you complete control over it. After rooting, you can install lots of apps which can help you improve your device's performance. Speeding up and saving battery life are available to your smartphone.

A root tool for these benefits is needed. KingoRoot is one of the best root tools which allows you to one-click root your Android with several steps within minutes. What's more, your phone will be protected from malware and other security threats.

What Does a Rooted Android Device Look like?

1. Install Designed Apps to Improve Performance

Perhaps you need some apps that can improve your device's performance and functionality, but can't be downloaded because these apps need root access. With a rooted device, you have the ability to download these designed apps which can benefit your Android's performance. APPs which help you speed up, block ads, backup all apps data, customize how you use your device.

2. Uninstall Bloatwares with Kingo SuperUser

In order to improve you device's performance, you may want to uninstall bloatwares. Bloatwares are the apps that are preinstalled by manufacturers and carriers and seldom used by users. These apps can not noly slow down speed of the device, but also run out the battery power on the background. If you have successfully rooted your Android smartphone with KingoRoot, you may find the Kingo SuperUser icon. Double click it to launch it, Kingo SuperUser enables you to uninstall all the apps you dislike including the system apps.

3. Longer Battery Life with Kingo SuperBattery

Battery life is one of the biggest concerns for users. If you have been worrying about your battery, this should be the least of your concern once you have gained the root access. If you have succussfully rooted your Android device with KingoRoot, Kingo SuperBattery will help you optimize the battery through closing background apps and services as well as forecasting remaining usage time of your battery.

4. Improve Device's Performance

If you are still not satisfied with your deveice's performance. While, with a rooted smartphone, you may glad to flash a custom ROM since it is so popular for users who have rooted their phones. With a rooted Android, you can install the newest Android Version without worrying about the incompatiable issues which can help users enhance the performace, speed, battery life of Android.

All these benefits are only available to a rooted Android device. KingoRoot is easy and safe for rooting.