How to hide root with SuHide selectively

Do you know how to hide the root status?

If you not know how to do. Kingo Root will let you know the way.

Famous Android developer Chainfire recently released a new app "Suhide," that enable users to hide the root status of their rooted devices on an app-by-app basis.

If you want to use this app you should know android well because No GUI(graphcal user interface) of this APP.

With a rooted device you may get tons of benefits. But at what cost?

One of the crucial deficiency of  rooted device is disable access to certain apps, which includes banking, payment and corporate security apps that work with financial and confidential data, such as your bank details and android pay.


You may download at XDA or download here.

Download Link

If you want to remove it download and flash

Pros and Cons about Suhide


- Never need to globally disable root

- Xposed is not needed

- Passes SafetyNet attestation by default on stock ROMs


- Ultimately a losing game (Google will fix sooner or later)

- No GUI (at present)


Latest SuperSU

SuperSU installed in systemless mode

Android 6.0 or newer

Latest TWRP


Flash the attached, followed by SuperSU

Package name

You can get the package name with dumpsys

(1)Launch the app you want to get the package name

(2)Enter the following commands in CMD

adb shell dumpsys window w |findstr \/ |findstr name=


Catch the UID with adb shell.

After you get the package name

Enter the following commands in CMD

adb shell ls -nld /data/data/packagename

Usually the UID will show in the 3rd column.

For running apps

adb shell ps -n | grep packagename

Usually the UID will show in the 1st column.

Blacklisting an app

The UID of the app is needed.

The commands below need to be executed from a root shell.

When you know the UID:

Add to blacklist: adb shell /su/suhide/add UID

Remove from blacklist: adb shell /su/suhide/rm UID

List blacklist: adb shell /su/suhide/list

About the detection

Well,the fact is it hides the su binary pretty well, and basically hide the GUI of SuperSU. however the hiding is never perfect, and suhide itself is still detectable.

This is the end of passage. Kingo Root wish this tutorial could be helpful to you.