How to Change/Customize Font on Android | KingoRoot Android

The smartphone has become an origin of our body. You will see the font on screen everyday. Maybe not everyone likes the Android default font.

That’s the reason finding the right font for your device would give you a wonderful Android experience.

Fortunately, there are lots of ways to change the font on your device if you can’t do that in the Android system settings. Beware that some of these methods will require a rooted device, but that shouldn’t be a problem thanks to KingoRoot.

There are mainly two kind of conditions with rooted device or unrooted device. The ways  . The following passage will show you how to change font in different ways.

Change font with APK like ifont / hifont

Download and install the apk in your device first.

Launch the apk.

Choose a font you like and download it.

Press set you will see the help.

Press set again, you will see the tip setting font press OK.

It will install the font and reboot automatically.

Some phones already have it built in!

Like Samsung / LG / Sony / HTC and etc. You can change the font in Settings > Display > Font.

  • Open Settings > Display > Font
  • Choose the font you like and click on it.
  • Press done to chang the font. Your device will automatically change the font.

The process may differnt on specific handset, but you may find it in the settings. Most of the time under the Display section.

For instance, change the font style of Samsung devices. Samsung has installed several extra fonts besides the default when come our from the factory, but you can get more online.

The following ways need root permission.

Using Root Explorer

You should root your device with KingoRoot first.

  • Devices powered on. If your device is not powered on, there is nothing we can do.
  • Enable "Unknown Sources" apps installation in Settings > Security, so that KingoRoot.apk can be installed.
  • It is highly recommended that you fully backup of your device first.
  • Battery fully charged. Your device may be dead in the rooting process impute to run out of battery.
  • A proper internet connection is the essential condition. KingoRoot will do a lot of things from the cloud.


Download the font file and Root Explorer first.

We do not guarantee that this tutorial will work under your specific and unique environment.

Rename the font file to DroidSans.ttf by Root Explorer.

  1. Copy the font file (the .ttf file) you download to \system\fonts\
  2. Hit the Mount R/W button and then press the Paste button.
  3. Now hit the Mount R/O  button to unmount it and power off and on your phone for the font to take effect.

You may enjoy the font now!