How to Backup Your Device before Rooting via KingoRoot

As we know more and more phone users are willing to root their device via KingoRoot  to obtain access and get more control over their android device. However, rooting  will wipe  up your device and you will lose the data on your device. Before rooting it is important to backup all your data that you accumulate in case something went wrong and prevent from data loss. You will wonder what you should do to backup everything such as apps, contacts, messages, photos, settings and more.

In the next part we will provide you several methods to backup files before rooting and you can choose the one that appropriate to your phone.

Back up according to the contents

  1. Backup apps, contacts and phone settings by Google Account
  2. To backup apps, contacts and phone settings there is one perfect option for you. It's easy to operate. You can backup such contents in the settings menu by using Google Account:

    • Settings -> Backup and Reset.
    • Select the option "Backup my data" and "Automatic restore".
    • Tap on "Backup account" selection, input the  Google account you want to sync your data to.
    • Log in your Google account.
    • Check the data you want to be synced. Your data will be backed up on the Gmail account.
    • By syncing the data to Goolge's sever your data will be avaliable on other device when you log in the same account.
  3. Backup media files such as photos and videos etc.
  4. Everyone will have hundreds of photos and videos that we do not want to lose. The easy option to back up your photos and videos stored on your phone is to backup them to Google Photos.

    You can choose to Auto-Backup images through the Google Photos app preinstalled on your Android device. Launch photos and turn Auto-Backup on.

    An unlimited number of standard-resolution files are allowed in Photos. However if you want to upload your photos at their full size it will be harmful to your Google Drive storage limit. If you do not want to use extra storage you can choose Standard size from Photo size. Through this method you can back up screenshots, photos and video downloaded via the web, Bluetooth or apps. Open Google Photos and from the menu icon tap on Choose on device, then tap the cloud icon next to each category you want to back up.

    You can also manually back up your photos and video by connecting your device to a PC over USB, then it will be displayed as an external hard drive. You'll find photos and video in the DCIM folder, which you can simply drag-and-drop to your PC to copy them.

  5. Backup text messages
  6. If the SMS messages are too important to lose.  You can check them in the preinstalled software which may have backed up the text messages. Open your messaging app, open the options menu and look for the Back/Restore option. If you do not have such option you can backup the text messages in the cloud with the help of  SMS Backup+, which will backup your call logs and multimedia messages automatically.

Use third party to help backup

There are some third party apps that we call all in one apps which may help us backup almost anything. Though such apps also have their limits they may provide you a perfect solution to backup everything on your device.  Apps such as MyBackup Pro can be used on non-rooted device. Through this app you can do all the above however, it also has its limits that it will cost money.  But it is worthy to have a try. It backups your data to SD card or to cloud service and can be restored in a few steps which means it will backup the data automatically and can be restored to a new phone easily.

Manual backup through PC

If you think the above method is too complex you can just backup your data manually in only 3 steps.

  1. Connect your Android device with your computer via a USB cable.
  2. You will see your phone’s name in My Computer. Open it to access all of your files.
  3. Copy the files and transfer them onto your computer local file folder.

However the methods above may have their advantages and disadvantages. You can combine  the methods together and backup your device in an effencient way.