Greenify - The Best Android App to Extend Battery Life

Are you annoyed that your phone's battery cannot last the whole day? Greenify app will help you by hibernating background apps to boost your battery life by a few hours. Before, it need root access for users to use Greenify. But now Greenify's "Auto Hibernation" features are availabe to non-rooted phones. What amazing! Of course, if you have rooted your phone, you will experience even more. If you are looking for a method to root your Android device, please have a try on KingoRoot. It offers the best and free one-click root apk/software.

Come download Greenify app to save battery life of your Android device!

First, search "Greenify"Google Play Store.

Greenify app's PlayStore link

There are two versions of Greenify app, one is ordinary version, another is Greenify Donation APK which needs 2.99 dollars and also have more functions.

Greenify on Google Play

Or you can always go to "recommend app list" on Kingo SuperUser, it will redirect you to the correspondent app store page.

Greenify on Kingo SuperUser

Second, install Greenify app and launch it.

Greenify app icon

Third, click "+" icon to choose apps adding to Hibernation.

Greenify app main interface

Fourth, after putting apps that you want to hibernate into Hibernation list, you still require to Manual Hibernation for Pending Apps. Select those apps which you select to greenify will have green highlight bar on them and click the circle "Zzz" icon to hibernate them. Then, the apps will be forced stoped.

Greenify app hibernation interface

Done. Now you have started saving battery life of your Android device. In addition, the main list includes two parts: "pending manual hibernation" and "hibernated". And you can touch the three dots at the upper right hand corner to change the status of apps in the list.

That's all! Enjoy your phone no worries about the battery consumption.