Android Root Instructions and Guides from KingoRoot

What is rooting

The process of “rooting” your phone is to obtain root access. Applications on your device can’t just get root permissions whenever they want – they have to prompt you and you can confirm or deny the request. Rooting allows you to dive much deeper into your phone’s system. It gives you access to everything in the operating system. That may sound very complicated, but rooting is only what you make it.

Risks Should Know before Rooting Your Android

  • Rooting will immediately void your warranty of Android device. For a brand new handset you might want to or had better hold off for a while.
  • You have small chance to turn your device into a brick. Rooting is legal, but if you goof up the rooting process, your device's software may damage and even become a brick.
  • Malware may easily break your device security. Gaining the root access also means breaking the restrictions of the operating system. In that way, worms, viruses, spyware will infect the rooted Android software if it is not protected by effective antivirus for Android.

Best Root tool/Rooter for Android

Although rooting may have some risks, but rooting provides a ton of customizations. Once you have rooted your Android, you will never unroot it. After rooting, you could do everything about the system of your device, such as flashing a new custom ROM, blocking ads, uninstalling the preinstalled apps and so on. Whether to root your Android or not totally depends on yourself. If you have made you decision to root, then you may want to look for the root tool or rooter.

KingoRoot is highly recommended. KingoRoot provides two kinds of root tool for you Android device, one is  KingoRoot apk (Android Version), the other is KingoRoot Android (PC Version). The KingoRoot APK is the best one-click rooter. Just a few steps and a few minutes will have your device rooted. And the KingoRoot Android (PC version) have a higher successful rate than the APK. The PC version is also easy and safe to process the program.

Some Instructions about Rooting

  • After rooting your phones, you are probably losing your original data on RAM. So it is highly recommended that you backup all your important data (contacts, SMS messages, apps, etc.) before rootingyour device, in case of data loss caused by unforeseen circumstances.
  • When gain root privileges process, there is a very small chance will result in lost data on the SD card. We recommend users backup all data first or use a blank SD card then start rooting.

Root Tutorial for KingoRoot

KingoRoot has launched its KingoRoot apk for Android, which provides a universal one-click Android root solution for Android users. It is easy to use and saves the trouble to connect to PC via USB cable.

Detailed tutorial of KingoRoot APK please refer to: How to Root Android without Computer (APK ROOT without PC).

KingoRoot Android(PC Version) offers every Android user the easiest one-click method to root any Android devices. How to use this universal Android root software to root your Android device.

Detailed tutorial of KingoRoot Android for PC please refer to: How to Root Android with KingoRoot (PC Version).