How Can I Root Android with Root Application/Program from Kingo Root Website

Rooting your smartphone can be one of the best ways to tap into the deep potential of your Android deivces. Many users may ask how can I root may Android device?

Fortunately, KingoRoot provides the best root apps/files for Android smartphones, users can free download the root tools of KingoRoot on Windows and KingoRoot APK to easily and quickly root your Android smartphones. While, how to get root access via this best root software?

Simply Guide of Rooting Android with KingoRoot on Windows

It is highly suggested that you try with KingoRoot.APK, It is more convenient without connecting to a PC.

How to root any Android device and version with KingoRoot APK?

Starting Rooting

Step 1: Free Download KingoRoot Software and Install the Root Software

As the highest success rate app of rooting Android, the best root tool will be automatically downloaded.

Step 2: Connect Your Tablet to PC and Launch Kingo ROOT

Plug your Android tablet/smartphone into PC via USB cable. Double Click the icon of Kingo ROOT.

Step 3: Enable USB Debugging

Any issues refer to What is USB Debugging Mode? and How to enable USB Debugging mode?

Step 4: Click "ROOT" to grant root permission

During the Rooting process, Do NOT touch or unplug the tablet.

Step 5: Root Result and Check ROOT

For detail tutorial please refer to:

How to Gain Root Access with KingoRoot Software (PC Version)?

After Rooting with the best Android root app/file

Flashing a Custom ROM is one of the most temptation that users intend to root their Android phones. Flashing a new custom enable you to get a new operating system to your Android device once you have rooted your phone.

Remove or block ads. Rooting allows you to block ads across all apps and browsers. Ads are nuisance that annoy users a lot, rooting will help them remove these pop-ups and enjoy their games.

Other Root Programs that May Root Your Old Phones

As we know, KingoRoot has the highest success rate for rooting Android than any other root programs such as kingroot, Baidu root, iroot, towelroot. These root software may root your phones running Android 5.0 or below. While, KingoRoot can even root Android 6.0/6.0.1 and below of all the Android devices including Samsung, Xiaomi, HTC, LG, Sony, Huawei, Oppo, Allview and so many other brand devices.

Top apps for rooted Android devices after rooting via root software

Once you have root your smartphone with the root programs from KingoRoot website, you can install a lot of root-only apps from third-party app store that can improve your phone. You can choose the appropriate apps to backup your system data, save battery life, uninstall the system apps, manage your files, boost your phone's speed. To download these top root apps you can refer to Top Root APPs for Android Phone