Top 10 Must-to-do Things before Rooting via KingoRoot

More and more Android users attempt to root their devices to avoid the limitations set by the manufactures and carriers. After rooting you will be able to customize your device, speed up your Android device, save battery, block ads, uninstall bloatwares, easy backup and flash a custom ROM ect.  There are many advantages over rooting your device via KingoRoot , you should always keep in mind that there are still risks about rooting so it is necessary to make good preparations before rooting your device.

The next paragraph will introduce you top 10 things to do before rooting please make sure all these things you have done before rooting.

1.Backup your device

As we all know that rooting will wipe up your device and you may lose the data on your device.  To prevent such things from happening you should make a full backup.  We already provide the method about how to backup before rooting via KingoRoot and we will not introduce it here any more.

2.Keep battery full

Before rooting please make sure that the battery level of your device is full or at least 80%. Since rooting takes time to complete the rooting process.  Low battery level may result in Android dies in the rooting process.  Do not ignore the battery of your device. It is perfect that your battery is charged full.

3.Install the correct USB drivers and USB cable

If you want to root with PC please make sure you have downloaded and installed the right driver on your PC. If you have no such drivers please download them from the official website of your manufacture.  Otherwise it will not recognize your device. Besides you should allow USB debug on your Android device and use a good quality USB cable. When the data connected with the PC is broken in the process of rooting it will leave you a bricking device.

4.Know more about your device

Many Android devices come in different model numbers so the rooting methods may varies in different models of the same handset. So it is important to check the model number and version of your device. Before rooting please make sure you know clearly about the information of your device so that you can select the tutorial that suits your device.

5.Enable install from unknown sources

Before you download or install the root apk on your device please make sure that you have already allowed Android device to install from unknown sources, you can set up it by following the procedure.  Settings> Applications> Unknown sources.

6.Know how to get into stock Android Recovery

In case something went wrong you can wipe your devices you should know how to get into stock Android Recovery before rooting. It is easy to operate and you can do that with some button combination simultaneously such as press the power key, Volume+ and home button at the same time.

7.Restore the firmwares of your device

In case something went wrong it is better to restore your device's firmware so that you can make your device to go back to what it was. The softwares available on the internet may be different to your original firmware.

8.Know how to root

According to your device information find a rooting method that suits your device. Read more  articles about rooting tutorials and keep in mind. It is better to watch some video rooting tutorials. If you know the complete rooting process you will stay calm to deal with the trouble you have in rooting . It is better to root via KingoRoot which offers the best one click root tool.

9.Disable antivirus and firewall on your PC

During the rooting process some antivirus or firewall apps will scan the rooting apps you downloaded and may regard them as malware or virus which will interrupt the rooting process and may brick your device. It is better to turn off windows firewall before you start the rooting process.

10.Know how to unroot

We all know that rooting may void the warranty and expose your device for certain security threats and if you want to unroot your device you can use Kinguser app to restrict all permissions and flash your stock ROM.  In NO.8 we mention we recommend root via KingoRoot because it has the feature to remove root. There is also a tutorial about how to remove root from Android with KingoRoot.

We hope all the must-to do things before rooting will help you root your android device and you can have a better understanding of rooting and may you root your device successfully and enjoy it.