Kingo Android Root is the best one-click Android Root software for free.

  • 1. Can i have the warrant after rooting?

    Some manufacturers assert that rooting voids your device’s warranty. However, rooting will not actually damage your hardware. If you use Kingo software to root your phone and will not delete any pre-installed apps. You can “unroot” your device any time with Kingo Android Root, and manufacturers won’t be able to tell if it’s been rooted.

  • 2. Will rooting brick my phone?

    Kingo Android Root has already rooted more than 100,000 devices,and we never met a bricking situation. If you fail rooting your phone, please reboot and everything will be normal as usual.

  • 3. Why i cannot find my phone on your supported device page?

    We're truly sorry about this,we have to test everything single model phone.

  • 4. How much do Kingo products cost?

    Nothing, all of our products are 100% free to install and use.

  • 5. Root failed, how to do next?

    Please directly exit Kingo Root and reroot again, this will not cause any harm to your phone.

  • 6. Why Kingo Root get stuck in one of the interface and does not respond?

    Now Kingo root is connecting your phone, please reconnect with your phone and check open the usb debug model.

  • 7. Why don't you publish your source code?

    • 1. We kind of hope, in the future, Kingo Android Root could generate revenue to support our staff (STILL FREE FOR USERS). We all know that, in the long run, interest alone cannot make a living. To develop better software, we need to be financially motivated aside from being driven by passion.

    • 2. We manage to obtain root privilege of Android by exploiting certain undisclosed vulnerabilities, which we believe would be patched in no time once made public. And that would dysfunction this software that we've worked so hard for.