What is root and Why I root My Android Smartphone

What is Root?

Root, or we can call it a Superuser. Android phone uses Linux permissions and file-system owenership. As a Android user, you are allowed to do certain things based on you user permissions. However, root is a Superuser and has oermissions to do anything to any file any place in the system.

To carry out this process successfully, you will need to use root tool to gain root access for your Android. For instance, KingoRoot is a one-click root app that helps you get root permission. After getting root or rooting your phone, you have modified the operation system. This means you can do the things include uninstalling application forced on use who built them or block ads and so on.

Root Benefits | Why I Root My Smartphone?

There are several benefits that you can get from a rooted device. The following are benefits and features of rooting, and these benefits may be the reason why so many Android users choose to root their smartphones.

1. Uninstall Bloatware

You may find that there are always many apps running on your smartphone's background once you reboot your device. These bloatwares are useless which can take up valuable storage space and even steal away your phones performance and battery life. So it is better to root your phone, you can eliminate bloatware by having got the root access.

2. Flash Custom ROMs

Custom ROMs allow you to enhance the performance of your Android phone as well as improve the features of it. A lot of users can no longer bear with the stock Android, they may choose the Custom ROMs. Rooting make it possible to flash/install a custom ROM.

3. Easy Backups and Restoration

Rooting enables you to easy backup you data along with system data. Certainly, you can backup your apps and data in the cloud, but the system data backup must through a rooted device. The system data and the app data let you keep everyting literally the way it was.

4. Install Incompatible Apps

Have you noticed that many good Android apps online are not available for your deivce with a message:"This app is imcompatible with your Android divice" by Google Play. Only by rooting your phone, these apps can work perfectly fine and downloaded without limitation.

It is a practical thing to consider rooting your device for all these benefit and features that you can enjoy. KingoRoot is easy to use and quickly root your smartphone which allows you to customize your phone.