ROM Toolbox|Unlock your Phone's Featrues and Customize Android after Rooting with KingoRoot

A custom ROM is the ultimate customization. That's so many users want to root their mobile. Most of them are likely to flash a custom ROM. ROM Toolbox is one of the must have apps for every root user.

ROM ROM Toolbox combines so many great rooted apps into one wonderful app. It has all the tool you want for your rooted device and also can make your Android device faster and better.

Before head to Google Play to download this app, first you need to get your smartphone rooted. Because it is only works well on rooted device. That's why KingoRoot comes out, it root your Android with a few steps.

How to One-Click Gain Root Permission with KingoRoot APK Before Downloading ROM Toolbox

Step 1: Free Download KingoRoot APK

The following is download button, you can download the APK from here. Keep your Android smartphone powering on with at least half of battery level for rooting. During downloading, if Chrome warns you about KingoRoot.apk, just click "OK" to proceed.

Step 2: Install KingoRoot APK

If you receive the "Install Block", take the following steps. Head to phone Settings  > Security > Unknown sources > Check the box and allow download from unknown source. Then find the APK in your "Download" APP and install the KingoRoot APK. Don't worry, Kingoroot is 100% safe for your phone with no malware or virus.

Step 3: Easily Root Your Android Phone

Launch the KingoRoot app and click "One Click Root" to start rooting.

Step 4: Succeed or Failed

You may get the root result. Hope your device is successfully rooted by KingoRoot app. Rooting enables you to do whatever you can with your device.

How to Unlock Android's Features or Customize Phone with ROM Toolbox

ROM ToolBox Features

  • ROM Management
    • Install ROMs & Themes like AOKP, Cyanogenmod and so on.
    • Manage Backups.
    • Wipe data and clear cache to save battery.
  • Root Explorer
    • Access to whole of android's file system.
    • View, edit and share files.
  • Auto Start Manager
    • Enable or disable apps running in the background.
    • Enable or disable apps that auto-starting.
  • Theme Management and Status Bar Icon Change
    • Create and install full themes.
    • Customize your status bar by installing custom icons for wifi, signal, gps, etc.
    • Change your battery icons in the status bar to a custom one.

    How to Unlock Android's Features or Customize Phone

    • Root your Android with KingoRoot Software (tutorial above)
    • Download the ROM Toolbox.
    • Grant root permission for this app.
    • Launch this app.
    • Select the option you like to customize your phone such as backup options.
    • Flash the custom ROM with the ROM tool in the ROM list like CyanogenMod.
    • Select the Theme you like best in Theme Manager.