The Ultimate File Manager -Root Browser

If you want to gain more control over your phone so that you can pass the liminations the manufacturer sets and dig deep into your phone. Or sometimes you are looking for customizations then it is essential to have a powerful file manager like Root Browser on your device.

What is Root Browser

Similarly to Root Explorer, Root Browser is another ultimate file manager for rooted users. If you want to use the application a rooted device is needed. If you have no idea how to root your device I highly recommend you try  KinoRoot which offers the best one click root software for free. And you can also root your device according to the model by following the tutorial.

Compared to Root Explorer, Root Browser has a main advantage that it is totally free, which may be the reason why it becomes one of the powerful apps avaliable today. You can donate to the developer by in-app purchasing up to $0.99.

How to use Root Browser?

  1. Install the Root Browser
  2. Search the application from Google Play Store and install in your rooted device. Starting the app you can immedately browser the files and folders on your device. What's more you can explore every derectory on your phone.

  3. Basic operation of files
  4. When you open the app a black panel comes into your eyes. You will find all the folders on your device appearing on the panel.  You will be able to find the basic operations when you click on a file such as copy, delete, move, rename, archive, view properties, change permissions and ownership, create shortcuts etc.

  5. Zip and extract your file
  6. What's more there is no need to connect your files to your computer if you want to compress and zip the files.  Through this app you are able to extract single files from zip/apks/jars and you can also zip any file or folder.  This function is of great convenience to us especially when you are in a situation that there is no cimputer to use but you have to deal with the extract files or you want to send others the zip files.

  7. Deep explore files
  8. With this app you can not only view and edit any file  you can also add new files in any directory,  bookmark any folder and open files with other apps.  When you want to share the file with others  you can send files via email.  Besides you can sort the files by name, size and date according to your preference.

  9. Search the file by name
  10. There are batch of files on your device, if we have no this root we will view the files from top to bottom. Until we find the file we need we stop.  With this app you do not have to look the file one by one you can search the files by name. This function helps save our time and improve the efficiency

Root Browser explores all of Android's file systems and take control of your Android device. If you are looking for a app to manage your files and folders maybe the Root Browser is one option.  You will befenit a lot from the app and it will bring you great convenience.