Top 6 Apps to Speed up/Boost Android Device after Rooting | KingoRoot

As days pass by our Android device decreases its performance and we can not stand by this. If you want to boost your device rooting it may help you. After rooting there will be many apps you can install on your device to help you speed up your device. And the apps are only available on the rooted device. If your device has not been rooted you can have a try on KingoRoot which offers the best one-click root tool for android device and has higher success rate.

We have several apps that can help speed up your device. Every app has its features and advantages. So it is worthy to have a try and find the most useful app you think.

1.Greenify --The app can help put apps into hibernation

If you have tons of apps that slow down your device you can disable or freeze the app.  Some apps offer the disable option for certain features but disabling the features may result to functioning abnormally. When you freeze the app it is similar to uninstallation.  And it can not fulfill the request to use occasionally. When the situation conflicts you can have a third option. Use the third-party app: Greenify  to help put apps into hibernation. Hibernated apps will wake up and perform as normal when you tap to run it.

        Run the app, you will find the apps listed in "Running in background" and "May slow down the device when…" on the  the App Analyzer page. Such apps are the ones that consume your battery and cause your device to lag and you can keep them in hibernation to boost your device.

2.Forever Gone--Keep the memory storage clean

There is one thing you may ignore that the files deleted may still be recovered until you create blank files to replace them in your device. When 80% storage capacity is used most device would perform poorly. If your device shows sign of lag it is time to clean the storage.  To do so I recommend Forever Gone. This app not only helps clean your storage but also lets you fill free space. Before you begin please make sure "Release filled space after the filling process complete" and "Pause the filling process when phone locked" have been selected. Just by taping  "Fill Free Space" the clean process will get started. It is another way to speed up your device.

3.Link2SD--Application manager

Most of the Android device users usually suffer from the same problem of low internal memory. Low internal memory will not only resist the further installation of apps and games, but also degrade the performance of your device. To increase the performance Link2SD would be a perfect app. This app is a very powerful app which allows you to manage system and  user apps installed on your device. You can make SD card as installation directory and freeze as well as remove system application to save internal memory and free your RAM to sustain the performance via this app.

4.No--frills CPU Control

No-frills CPU Control is a tool used to take control of CPU of the device manually. You can set the speed of CPU by setting different clock frequencies. You can also quickly set the governor. For high performance and stability it is better to set the "Max CPU frequency" to highest value available there, and under “Available governors” select the "performance".

5.Smart Booster--Fast One Click Cache Cleaner for Android

Smart Booster is an application that helps you deal with the phone's sluggish issue. It works by clearing out unwanted usage occupied by background apps and can provide more RAM space to optimize the performance of your device. It is able to scan and clean junk created by million apps efficiently. Through this app you can easily get rid of lagging, low responsive apps.

6.ROM Manager - The Tool Allows Users to Flash Custom ROMS

ROM Manager is used to flash custom ROMS without losing the phone's functionality. This app makes it easy to change the ROMS and experience the new version of android through the simple interface provided. As there is no useless garbage and the kernel is optimized by the developer the custom ROMs are often faster and more efficient. You can improve the performance and efficiency by flashing a custom ROM to your phone.

The apps above are from different aspect to boost your device you can choose the one you want and have a try on your device. Hope the apps can help optimize the performance.