PDroid Privacy Protection for Android Device after Rooting with KingoRoot

Many users have rooted their Android device with KingoRoot apk for a variety of reasons. After rooting, root Apps can be downloaded without restrictions. Some may intent to install an app like AdAway to block ads inside the browser, games, apps, and even notifications. Some would like to download the third-party app such as System App Remover to uninstall all of those annoying system apps they never use. Others may do what a rooted device allows them to do like extend the battery life, flash a custom ROM and back up the system data.

With a rooted device, users can easily do the above things in that to make the most of their device. However, after users get root permissions. If the user authorizes some unknown program with root privileges, all phone user privacy information may leak and result in a high security risks. It so important for a phone owner to protect their privacy since a smartphone is filled with messages, contact list, emails, apps data and other privacy information. Here, PDroid Privacy Protection can take control of access to users' private data by the applications they install. In this way, users have a right for using any app without worrying about their privacy.

You may eager to use this app, PDroid allows blocking access for any installed app to the following data:

  • Device ID (IMEI/MEID/ESN)
  • Subscriber ID (IMSI)
  • SIM serial (ICCID)
  • Phone and mailbox number
  • Outgoing call numberIncoming call number/Outgoing call number
  • GPS location/Network location
  • List of accounts (including your google e-mail address)
  • Account auth tokens
  • Contacts/Call logs
  • Calendar
  • Browser bookmarks and history
  • System logs
  • SIM info (operator, country)/Network info (operator, country)

You may wonder whether other apps work normally during this PDroid is blocking access for installed apps to the data. Don't be worry, unlike with permissions denied or CM, applications do not crash when access to private data is blocked. This app has very small memory, therefore it will not eat up much memory space, let alone impact on battery life and performance. To use this app, you will need to download and install the relevant patch before installing the app.

Root is required to install PDdroid. If you have rooted your device with KingoRoot apk, then you can install this free app without any restrictions for protecting your prvacy information from leaking and resulting any security problems. If you are looking for a rooting method, KingoRoot apk is highly recommended. KingoRoot APK is a one-click root tool for almost all the Android device without using an USB conected to the computer compared with the KingoRoot Software ( PC Version ). After rooting, PDroid Privacy Protection is avaiable for users to protect important privacy data. Never be afraid of disclosing any privacy information when playing a game or purchasing online. More detail information about PDroid please see in Google Play.

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