How to root andoird 10 with Qualcomm kgsl (CVE-2020-11239) vulnerability

Vulnerability value


Vulnerability coverage

Security patch: 2019.11-2021.1

Vulnerability requirements

  • Processor: Qualcomm
  • Kernel: After 4.14
  • Others: some models cannot be used due to selinux restrictions (such as pixcel 4)

Device example

  • samsung: A71, firmware version:A715FXXU3ATJ2 download url
  • google:pixel 4,firmware version:QQ3A.200705.002 download url
  • samsung:S10,chip:Snapdragon,remarks: not tested
  • samsung:S20,chip:Snapdragon,remarks: not tested
  • Other: mid-range models released at the end of 2019,remarks: guess


  • no one-click root solution
  • Not recommended for novices


  • source code,here
  • It is not recommended,just a DEMO ,cannot be directly modified and used, the code for get root capacity need more work for it.


  • have detailed articles and use codes and reproduction environment(pixcel4、samsung A71)
  • Upgrade 1:Can be changed to complete utilization program
  • Upgrade 2:Can be modified as a general use program
  • Article explanation:here