How to Use AdAway to Block/Remove Ads on Rooted Android Device

Most of Android apps are free but there may be various ads in the apps when you search the internet, play games or even read there will be ads. There are multiple forms of ads in the apps such as banner ads that never go away, flash ads that take up the whole screen, and popups at the least expected time, leading you to open them mistakenly. All the multiple forms of ads lead to poor user experience.

Tired of the boring ads? You can remove the ads. Today we will introduce you the most popular ad block app for rooted android device--AdAway in detail what is AdAway, how to download the app and how to use the app to block ads.

What is AdAway?

AdAway is an app that works to block ads when you surf the internet. It blocks ads globally by modifying the HOSTS file of your smartphone or tablet. It can block ads from all browsers, apps, games, websites and so on. In order to make it work you should have access to Root, which means AdAway is only available on rooted android device. To use this app a rooted device is needed and if your device has not rooted yet please root it first.  If you have no idea how to root your device you can have a try on KingoRoot which offers the best free root tool and has higher success rate.

How to download AdAway?

The app is not available on Google Play so you have to download it from the website or you can get the app from the third-party app store. The advantage of downloading it from an app store is easy and timely updates.

Method 1: Download AdAway from its official website directly and follow the instructions provided.

Method 2: Before we download the app we should install a third-party app store first. Here we recommend F-Droid.

  • Use the web browser on your device search F-Droid and download it on your device.
  • During the process there will be a prompt please select OK.
  • Open the apk file downloaded. If you do not have enable the phone to install apps from unknown sources there will be another prompt. You can check it in the settings. Tap OK on the warning dialogue.
  • Go back to the Downloads and click on the apk file and install F-Droid on your device.
  • After F-Droid install on your device search for AdAway. You can choose to download the latest version or the previous version.

How to use AdAway to block ads?

When you first open the app the prompt will ask root permission, just tap OK to grant access.

  • Press the "Download files and apply ad blocking" button  the app will download and apply host files then ad blocking will start.
  • When applying was successful you will get a pop up to reboot your phone. It is not really necessary it is your decision to reboot it or not.
  • You can scan for Adware from the menu.
  • Otherwise, you can use this app to white/blacklist host files and you can also add your host files to the blocking list.

Once your Android smartphone or tablet has completed the process successfully, all ads in all apps and on all websites will be blocked. AdAway has an advantage that there is no need to run it again to block ads unless you update the version. After all the process completes it is better to disable"Unknown Sources".