How to Transfer/Switch The IOS Data to Android Device

When we switch our phones most of us want to backup the data we accumulate in the past. Because they are too important to us and we do not want to lose. Many Android users know many ways to backup and transfer data between Android device such as backup the data to PC and transfer it to another android device when needed or utilize a third party app to help backup and transfer and there are many other methods to backup we do not list more. But if you change your device from iPhone to Android you will wonder how to switch stuff between two completely different operating system?

It is not that complicated as you think just in only 3 steps you will be able to transfer the data from iPhone to Android.

Step1 Install the latest Google Drive

First of all, search Google Drive from the app store and download it to your IOS device. Please notice that you have downloaded the latest version and log in with your Google Account. If you have no account you can create your Google Account right now.

How to create your Google Account

Step2 Back up your content

  • Before you move forward please make sure your phone on a Wi-Fi network and it is better to charge your device since it takes hours to back up.
  • After logging in your account you will be able to back up your iPhone with Google Drive.
  • Start to backup by taking the following actions. Menu > Settings > Backup.
  • According to the content you want to back up step by step or you can simply click the Start Backup button to backup everything.
  • How to backup your data

  • When in the backup process please keep the Google Drive app open and on screen until the backup is complete.
  • the backup process

  • After the process finishes it will automatically toggle to a picture like below which prompts backup complete and you can move to the next step.
  • after the backup complete

Step 3 Transfer the IOS data to your android

Sign in the account on your new android device you will be able to switch iPhone data to Android. Please make sure the account you log in is the one that you use to backup your iPhone. Once you sign in your Google Account you will see all the data stored in the new Android device and you can enjoy your Android device.

 Transfer the IOS data to your android

This method makes switch the data between different operating system much easier. Hope you will like it and share it with others to let more people know it.