How to Save Log of KingoRoot Android (PC Version)

What is log file?

A file listing actions that have occurred. KingoRoot for Android (PC Version) maintains a log file listing every action that has been made since the first launch. With log file analysis tools, it's possible to determine the cause of a certain error or failure and thus come up with solutions.

Why do we need your log file?

Log files are required when you encounter an error or failure when using Kingo Android Root. It is highly recommended that you send us the log file via attach the first time you contact support of KingoRoot. As soon as we receive your log file, our R&D team can check it out and determine the cause of certain error or failure.  And then we will get back to you with possible solutions or further questions concerning your device.

How to save log file of Kingo Android Root?

After failed or problem occurred, go to Settings of KingoRoot on the upper right and click "Save Log".

Save log of KingoRoot Android (PC Version)

Then, send the log file that you saved to us via attach. We will get back to you as soon as we determine the cause of error or failure.

Save log of KingoRoot Android (PC Version) to your computer