How to Recover/Restore Lost/Deleted Data after Rooting | KingoRoot

Nowadays, more and more Android users root their device via KingoRoot to get more control over their devices for more settings, features and performance. However, there is some risk you will lose your data. What should you do to recover the lost data after rooting?

After rooting please do not import any data into your phone such as taking photos or storing contacts. Otherwise your lost data will be overwritten by these new contents and you will lose the deleted data forever. Next we will show you how to use a third-party app named Android Data Recovery to help recover. Android Data Recovery is designed for Android devices to get the deleted files back, such as contacts, messaging, photos and so on. With this app you can easily restore your deteled data.

How to restore data from a rooted android device? Here is the tutorial.

  1. Download Android Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect your rooted Android phone to the computer.
  2. Connect the rooted device to the PC

  3. After connecting your phone with PC, you should enable USB debugging.
  4. Enable USB debugging

  5. Select the type of data you want to recover
  6. You can select the data you want to restore, if all the files are wanted select all and move to next.

    Select the type of data you want to recover

  7. If there is root permission app on your device there will be prompts and you can just follow the instructions provided and allow the program record and click start on the program interface. The device will come into the scan page.
  8. Before enter the scan, it will analyze your device first.


    It will scan the app in your device that manage the root permissions automatically. Then there will be a popup like this:

    allow the program record

    Find the management list and click Android Data Recovery.

    grant root permission prompt

  9. Then Android Data Recovery will start scanning, the process will take a few minutes so please be patient and there will be three notes you should keep in mind. After all the data scaned you can select the data you want and recover the data to your computer.
  10. scanning-process

After you take the above actions you will be able to recover the data successfully. Hope this method can help you deal with the data loss problem.