How to Jailbreak an Android Phone or Tablet via KingoRoot

Jail-breaking an Android phone or tablet allows users to dive deeper into a phone's sub-system, and this would be the equivalent to "hacking" your Android device.

"Can you jailbreak the Android device?" Some users may ask if there is any easy and safe ways to jailbreak an Android device. It also means rooting your Android. Manufacturers and carriers will always try to keep that froming happening by voiding your warranty of your device once you have jail-broken your phone.

However, there are still lots of users love to jailbreak their Android, because jail-breaking will bring them many benefits:

  • Flash custom ROM. One of the biggest reasons why users love to jailbreak their Androids is that they are to flash a custom ROM. After flashing a custom ROM, you can install the latest Android version to your smartphone that is compatible to your Android. Jail-breaking enables you to experience the latest Android version like Android 7.0 Nougat without waiting or purchasing the Google Pixel or Pixel XL or other flashships.
  • Customization. Customization makes the device to be truly yours and the unique one in the world. Customization means the way of your device perform and function as you control. You can customize the UI and UX, change the navigation button and status bars, the boot animations and so on.
  • Easy backup. An user's samrtphone is filled with important emails, contact lists, precious photos and videos. Backup is important to protect data from losing. Once you have jailbroken your Android device, you can backup everything including data of apps and system.
  • Uninstall preinstalled bloatwares. Bloatwares means the apps or softwares that are preinstalled by different manufacturers and carriers but seldom used by users. These bloatwares can not only slow down the performance but also drain the battery life. After jail-breaking, you can remove them all.
  • Save battery life. A smartphone is fill with kinds of apps that serve people's daily life. Considering all these apps running on the background, it is not surprising that the battery will quickly run out. By jail-breaking your smartphone, Kingo SuperBattery, an app for saving battery life, help users close background apps and services to optimize your phone.
  • Block ads. Ads are a necessary evil. Each time when you browse the websites or open an app on your phone, the ads may pop up. However, apps like AdsBlock and AdsAway only can be installed on jail-broken Androids.

How to Jailbreak Android Device via KingoRoot

KingoRoot is an advanced technology that developed by KingoRoot Team. KingoRoot provides two kinds of root methods: KingoRoot on Windows (PC Version) and KingoRoot APK (Android Version).

KingoRoot APK is the best one-click root tool for free, just a few steps and a few minutes can make your device a rooted one without connecting to the computer.

Please refer to the detail tutorial: How to Root Android without Computer (APK ROOT without PC).

KingoRoot PC Version has a higher successful rate than apk for the technology reason.

Please refer to the detail tutorial: How to Root Android with KingoRoot (PC Version)