Cheat Droid | Easily to Hack Any Application/Game after Rooting with KingoRoot Software

Some users may want to debug their own self-developed apps, some may want to hack games, and some other may care about data privacy and want to find out which apps store which information. Cheat Droid - Shared Preferences Editor will solve all the issues for you.

However, before you head to the Google Play and download this app, you may need to root your Android smartphone first, because it only works well on rooted device. Fortunately, KingoRoot software will one-click root your smartphone in a few minutes.

How to Root Your Mobile with KingoRoot Software Before Hacking Apps

Step 1:Free Download the KingoRoot on Windows Software to PC

You can download the root software from the following button. The download will be automatically. After download is complete, you can begin to install the rooting software.

Step 2: Click the Icon of KingoRoot to Launch it

KingoRoot software downloaded from official website is 100% safe.

Step 3: Connect your cellphone to PC and Enable USB Debugging

KingoRoot software will automatically download the driver for your device, so make sure you get Internet connection and enable the USB debugging. If you can't connect, please turn to "Device Not Connected" for help.

Step 4: Succeed or Failed

You will get the root result. Hope your device is successfully rooted by KingoRoot app. Root access provides your Android smartphone with admin privileges, after that you can modify and edit system like CheatDroid does. Besides, rooting can open the world of possibilities. You can custom your own unique phone, for example, you can change the boot animation.

How to Hack Apps with Cheat Droid After Rooting

Cheat Droid Features

  • View, edit, add, search through and delete shared preferences;
  • Browse through sqlite database files;
  • Perfect for debugging self-developed apps or finding security vulnerabilities;
  • Backup and restore any file!

How to hack apps/games

  • Root your Android with KingoRoot Software(tutorial above)
  • Download the Cheat Dorid.
  • Pick the Apps you want to hack and play a little around;
  • Find something you want to change;
  • Open Cheat Droid to find your apps and find the preference;
  • Be creative!
  • Save and go back, then find the results!