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What is An Android Rooter?

An Android rooter is a root tool which aims at rooting Android devices. KingoRoot is such a rooter that helps users to solve their rooting troubles.  KingoRoot is an advanced technology developed by KingoRoot Team which provides two kinds of rooters: KingoRoot Android (PC version) and KingoRoot APK (Android version). Both rooters are the best and easiest tools for rooting.

What is Rooting

“Rooting” your device means obtaining “superuser” rights and permissions to your Android’s software. Rooting is jail-breaking for Androids, and allows users to dive deeper into a phone's sub-system. Getting root or rooting your phone is the process of modifying the operating system that shipped with your device to grant you complete control over it. This means you can overcome limitations that the carriers and manufacturers put on your phone, extend system functionality, and even upgrade it to a custom flavor of Android.

Advantages and Risks of Rooting

Main Advantages

  • Customization. Customization makes the device to be truly yours. When you get the "out-of-box" smartphone, the default UI and UX are not exactly what you can consider as aesthetically appealing or easy to navigate with. By rooting your Android devices, what is assumed to be impossible becomes highly possible, you can customize everything of your Android including customizing the UI, Changing the navigation button and status bars, customizing the boot animations and so on.
  • Easy backup. An user's samrtphone are filled with important emails, contact lists, precious photos and videos. Backup is essential to protect data of apps, contacts and system settings from losing when it comes to mobile devices. Once you have rooted your Android device, you can backup everything. "Everything" means all the files and data including the system data and never afraid of factory reset or changing a new smartphone with data loss.
  • Flash custom ROM. one of the biggest reasons why users want to root their Android is that they want to flash a custom ROM. The Android ROM is a file that contains executable instructions to run the Android OS. After flashing a custom ROM, it means that you can install the latest Android version to your smartphone. A latest Android version always brings you new features and improved user experience. Rooting enables you to experience the latest Android version like Android 7.0 Nougat without waiting or purchasing the Google Pixel or Pixel XL.
  • Block ads. Ads are a necessary evil. Each time when you browse the websites or open an app on your phone, the ads may pop up. However, apps like AdsBlock and AdsAway only can be installed on rooted Androids. When you root your Android phone, you can actually block advertisements across all apps and browsers.
  • Save battery life. Mobile phone serves numerous functions as you rely on it for making phone calls, connecting with social networks and playing games on apps. Considering all these apps running on the background, it is not surprising that the battery will quickly run out. By rooting your smartphone, Kingo SuperBattery for rooted Android closes background apps and services to optimize your phone. Kingo SuperBattery is one of the best apps to save you battery life.

Risks of Rooting

  • Void Warranty. Rooting immediately voids your Phone's warranty.
  • Data loss. After rooting, you may probably losing your original data on RAM. So it is highly recommend that you backup all important data.
  • Brick Android. Sometimes, rooting has chance to brick your Android device.

How to Use Android Rooter - KingoRoot

KingoRoot has provided two kinds of Rooter. KingoRoot Android is the best rooter with higher successful rate. Download it from KingoRoot official website which is safe and efficient for rooting Android. KingoRoot APK is a one-click rooter which is convenient and easy for Android rooting.

How to Use the Rooter - KingoRoot Android (PC version)

Step 1: Free download KingoRoot Android. You will download it directed to your computer, then install it.

Step 2: Install and launch Kingo ROOT.Double click desktop icon of Kingo ROOT and launch it.

Step 3: Connect your device via USB. Plug your Android device into your computer via USB cable. Then enable USB debugging mode on your Android device.

Step 4: Click "ROOT" to root your device. In the rooting process, your device may be rebooted several times. Do not be panic, it is perfectly normal. DO NOT touch, move, unplug or perform any operation on your device.

Root succeeded Hopefully your device is well supported and successfully rooted by the rooter. Until your device reboots itself, do not operate.

Detailed tutorial of how to use KingoRoot Android rooter, please refer to: How to Root Android with KingoRoot (PC Version)

How to Use the Rooter - KingoRoot APK (Android version)

Step 1: Free download KingoRoot apk. You will download it directed to your android device, then find it in "Download" on your device. Click "OK" to proceed if the Chrome gives you a warning message.

Step 2: Install the apk file of KingoRoot. When installing the apk, you may encounter some issues. Just click "SETTING" to allow installation of apps from sources other than the Play Store.

Step 3: Tap "One Click Root" to run the rooter Make sure you have stable Internet connection when jailbreaking with KingoRoot.

Step 4: Succeeded or Failed. If you have tried several times but still fail to root. the PC version of KingoRoot is highly recommended.

Detailed tutorial of how to use KingoRoot APK rooter, please refer to: How to Root Android without Computer (APK ROOT without PC)