Top Best Apps to Block/Remove Ads from Android Device

Ads are everywhere. Even in our Android device there are multi forms including popups, banner ads and flash ads. When you play games, search content on Browser and use the free Android app the ads would popup. These ads do really annoy us and definitely result in poor user experience.  Worse still, Ads can cause webpages to load slower, eat up your data plan and consume your battery. Tired of the boring ads on your apps? There are many apps that can help you remove ads from any apps you want.

Please note there are some apps exclusively available on rooted devices. Before install the apps you should root your device first. If you have no idea how to root you can have a try on KingoRoot. And there is also a tutorial to help you step by step.

1.Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher is not available on Google Play Store so you have to download the apk file from the official website. Through this app you can see all the apps that you installed on your device. Just select the apps that you want to remove ads from. The ads will be blocked.  It is easy to operate and all you need to do is to follow the instructions provided and you will remove ads successfully. Open the app that you have patched you will find there is no ads any more. After the ads blocked you do not have to bear the annoying ads displayed when you use your favorite apps.

2.AdAway App

AdAway app will block ads globally by modifying the HOSTS file of your smartphone or tablet.  It can block ads from all browsers, apps, games, websites and so on. If you adopt the method there is no need to run the ad blocking app again because AdAway does not need to be running to block ads. Since the app can not be found on Google Play Store you have to download the app by using a third-party app store. Before install the app you should install the third-party app store F-Droid first. After installation you can search AdAway app from this app store. Download and install the app you can begin the ad blocking process. This app needs root access and grant it root access press the "Download files and apply ad blocking" button and wait while AdAway modifies your HOSTS file to block ads. Once your Android smartphone or tablet has finished restart your device, the ads in all apps and on all websites will be blocked.

If your device has not rooted yet or you do not want your device rooted you can use the following apps to block ads.

1.Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus can not be found on Google Play store either as it has been removed. But you can find the apk file on their official website. Through the website you can also find the instructions to use this app on your device. And you will find Adblock Plus is one of the best and most trusted ad blocking apps. It is not that complicated to install an ad blocking app on your device as you expect. The app has one feature you should keep in mind the app needs to be running to block ads. If you close the app it will stop blocking ads. The majority of people will be able to block ads with Adblock Plus without root access. Blocking ads with Adblock Plus is a rather simple process.

2.Adblock Plus Add-on

There is an official Adblock Plus add-on for Firefox Android browser. Download and install the ad-on from Firefox Browser, activate it and restart the Firefox app you will be able to block ads in Firefox on Android using the app. This app can only block ads when you browse the web using Firefox. If you want to block ads in other apps or games or if you use a different browser this method may be not working. You should adopt Method 1. The difference from the Adblock Plus is that  Adblock Plus add-on does not have to be running all the time when you use. Ads are automatically blocked whenever you use Firefox. Blocking ads via the Firefox browser app may be the simplest way to block ads.

3.TrustGo Ad Detector

There are so many apps collecting your personal information when you use them.  Are you worried about this? If so you can use TrustGo Ad Detector to scan and protect your device from possible privacy violations and identity leaks that could occur via ads displayed within an Android app. TrustGo Ad Detector is not the normal ad blocker but it can keep your personal information safe and secure. It will prompt the apps that may leak your personal information and you can decide whether to uninstall the apps that collect your personal information or not.

Get TrustGo Ad Detector on Google Play

4.AppBrain Ad Detector (FREE)

AppBrain Ad Detector helps free your phone from potential concerns and ads. You can get it from Google Play Store. This app is able  to detect all annoyances of apps installed on your device such as Push Notifications, Desktop icon spam ads and apps with privacy concerns such as the ability to access location, contacts, messages or accounts. This app helps you be aware of the apps that have permissions to access your accounts and messages which would invade your privacy and help you remove the adware and spyware. This app is really powerful since it detects over 70 different aspects of apps to keep your device safe and private. Please note you should keep live detection mode on. If you turn it off the app will stop scanning newly installed apps and won't notify you about new concerns anymore.

Get AppBrain Ad Detector on Google Play

You can choose the app depending on whether your device has been rooted or not. The top apps mentioned above will help you get rid of the annoying ad notifications and help you keep your privacy safe and secure. After using the apps your device it will improve the user experience.