Tips to Save Your Battery in Pokemon GO

Today kingoroot will show you some tips on how to save battery when you are playing Pokemon Go.

You can't catch 'em all, if your device is out of battery

Even if you don’t play this game, at least you’ve heard of Pokemon Go so far or know someone who’s playing it. While the game is extremely fun, takes to us the inexhaustible happiness! But it’s a game that consumes a lot of battery life. Of course you may carrying a power bank with you to keep things juiced up, however it is impossible to keep that with you 24/7. So how to keep the ‘good’ battery  while playing Pokemon GO? Turn on Pokemon Go's ‘Batter Saver’ mode, of course. Kingoroot will show you how.

  • First and foremost put Pokemon GO icon or it shortcut on your home screen.
  • Once into the game, find a Pokemon, press on the Poke Ball at the bottom center of screen.
  • See that ‘Settings’ button at the top right hand corner? Tap on it.
  • Turn on the ‘Battery Saver’ option.
  • When you are on the way to destination, just turn your device head over heels, the screen of your device will turn to nearly dark.

This tip is very useful when you find a Pokemon which you want to catch but you have to walk for 5-7 minutes.

Check your brightness and turn off auto adjustment

It seems like the first thing that you can do to slow the battery drain is run your eyes over the screen brightness. Turn it on depending on the weather, turn down brightness you may access to more time for game-play. One big problem with this is if you are playing outside in a area with brilliant sunshine. The low brightness can make it much harder to see clearly of the screen, of course. Otherwise , if it's not too bright out it may be a worthwhile trade-off to make.

Shutoff AR(Augmented Reality)

With the Augmented Reality, Pokemon will exist in your surroundings in your bedroom, in the kitchen, or at the church downtown. What you need to do is to catch them all and become a Pokemon master. If you turn off AR(Augmented Reality) off the augmented reality of the game might make your job easier. Shutoff AR mode you may catch the Pokemon more smoothly while you are playing Pokemon GO.All you need to do to turn off AR is find a Pokemon, click on the it to prepare to catch, and then click on the "AR"  switch label in the top right corner of the screen. From there, the game will show an animated grass backdrop that the Pokemon you are trying to catch is now at the front and center of. The app has the ability to access your device's camera and gyroscope , so you can actually see Pokemon in even the most unexpected of places. After shutoff AR the camera and gyroscope will also turn off which will extend your battery life.

Turn off LTE

If you are using the latest device most of them is able to use LTE(4G network), however not every place has excellent LTE connection. Once you are in a place that do not have a good LTE connection. Your device will scan for the signal again and again Turn off LTE, so your device will run only in 3G network. By doing this, the extra battery consume of scan the LTE signal is saved.

From now on Pokemon GO consumes the least amount of battery on your Android device.