[Fix] Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location/GPS Not Found

Method 1 : Fix Failed to Detect Location/GPS Signal in Pokemon Go

This one is first method which is found from my previous experience. This happen mostly when your mobile automatically goes turn off your location settings. To fix this problem follow these steps to fix it.

  • Go to Settings and Select Location Option.
  • Now if you see its turned off just turn it “ON”.
  • One more thing that is open Location Settings. Set high accuracy by click mode.
  • If you done all steps above then just launch the app Pokemon Go, you won't see “Failed to Detect Location or GPS not found” Errors in Game any more.

Method 2: Pokemon Go “GPS Not Found” & “Failed to Detect Location”

This trick is another way to fix “Pokemon Go GPS Not Found and Failed to Detect Location” Errors.

  • Turn off Mock Locations in Developer Settings.
  • Restart the Phone after mock locations turned off .
  • Set Location to High Security to fix it with ease.
  • Now, Again launch the Game surely you wont see any errors this time.

If you have tried both of the method above, but still did not work. Maybe you should wait the Pokemon Go available in your country.