How to cheat Pokemon Go - an Easy Tip on Incubating Pokemon GO Eggs

Kingo will show you a quick and easy way to incubate your Pokemon GO eggs. This way will accelerate the incubate your eggs. The acceleration is depend on the fan's speed.

Before the work start there are preparation work needs to be done.

screwdriver (suitable for fan's screws)

rubber band

double-sided tape

Step 1: Open the Fan's protection cover

Well, for the first thing you will need to do is open up your fan's casing.

Remove the screws. In my case there is only one screw holding the two pieces of protection cover together. Keep the screw in a cup or a box where you can easily find them. Later you will need to put the fan back together later. Make sure the fun is standing up right. This is to make sure the airflow is going smoothly. I've heard that you can start a fire by putting a fan down directly on carpet or cloth.

Step 2: Attach Phone and Start Accelerating!

Attach your phone to one of the fan's blades.Use the double-sided tape stick your phone on one of the fan's blades and hold the phone in place with a rubber band. You may first turn the fan slowly with hand to make sure your phone isn't knocking against anything. Then run Pokemon GO and make your eggs ready to incubate. After that start the fan. Begin with slow speed and then speed up little by little. The acceleration is depend on the fan's speed.

Step 3: Accelerate Now!

That's all how do it! Do enjoy, and let me know if you have better idea!