Tips And Tricks: Where To Find And Hunt Rare Pokemon In "Pokemon Go"

"Legendary Pokémon" is a term of art; a Legendary is not simply an individual Pokémon about which legends are written, but differs from regular Pokémon in key ways. Currently the group is distinguished by being the only one member of its given species which can be captured per game. Legendaries are also exceptionally powerful, extremely difficult to capture, unable to reproduce through breeding, and not part of an evolutionary chain. Certain Legendary Pokémon colloquially termed "Runners" or "Roaming Pokémon" randomly move around the world map and flee from battle, making them even harder to obtain. According to wikipedia.

There are two types of rare Pokémon: Rare and Legendary. Apparently, the Legendary beasts will be more elusive than the Rare ones, but both are difficult to bump into. It maybe rare in one area could be quite common in another, so the best advice for capturing these Pokémon is to travel around as much as you can.

There are six Pokémon that one has ever seen them : Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, Ditto, Mew and Mewtwo. We’re talking about other ones here.

Besides the legendaries, there are the region-exclusive Pokemon.

  • Mr Mime is exclusive to Europe
  • Farfetch'd can only be found in Asia
  • Kangaskhan is available solely in Australia and New Zealand
  • Tauros is the North American exclusive.

By now, probably you've been playing Pokémon Go for days, which means either you're close to be a hunting master or be infuriated with the lack of decent Poké-creatures burst in. If you belong to the second one,  relax now – here kingoroot will show you some tips to help your hunting game.

How do you find rare Pokemon?

So, how do you find rare Pokemon, how do you find these elusive little ones? Simple: raise your trainer level. Wild Pokemon exiguity is connected with your trainer level and CP (how good a Pokemon can attack).

How can you get a Pikachu?

Pikachu, this cute tiny mouse Pokemon is loved by everyone ever since its unveiled. Although it is not as rare as those listed above. It is one of the most wanted ,and players want to add it to their Pokedex.

For first timers, you can acquire Pikachu easily as your starting Pokemon. This famous trick has been used by several players nowadays. Simply by moving away from the three starter Pokemon during selection, a wild Pikachu will appear after 2-5 re-spawns.According to the reports from a gaming site, Pikachu could be possibly found near parks or railway tracks. However, there is no guarantee that you will find Pikachu on these places.

How can you use Pokemongomap to help you catch Pokemon?

The Pokemongomap is Pokemon tracker or locator for the Pokemon Go. It uses the Niantic API to grab the location of all Pokemon near your location (or the location you selected ) and display them on the map in real-time.It's a wonderful tool for seeing what Pokemon are close-by you at any given time. The map even provide a countdown timer so you know how much time left to catch the Pokemon you want .

How do you catch rare Pokemon?

One of the most enchanting thing of "Pokemon Go" is that it's a challenging strategy game that uses real-life surroundings, so suggests you handle it like what you would do in real world: Get familiar with what the rare Pokemon around you and get to know what their shapes are, so that you can spot it at once in the "Nearby" box when you see it.

Always open the Nearby menu and then circle the Pokemon you want to capture by pressing on it. The circled silhouette should shift up and down based on proximity to you. The one in the top left corner is the closest to you. Walk around to see which side it gets closer to top left. Pokemon listed on the Nearby menu are always close by, so keep trying and looking.The Nearby menu in the bottom right corner of the screen shows how close a Pokemon is to you. When hunting the rare ones, you’ll want to track the Pokemon that appear footprint behind a silhouette.The closer the Pokemon is to you, the fewer footprints you'll see underneath the silhouette. 1 footsteps is about 50 metres and 3 footsteps maybe that will more than 300 meters

Use A Map

For all locations, the Pokemongomap show the Pokemon to find in your specific location. Using Pokemongomap is a less-walk and time saving way to find the Pokemon nearby. The map shows the Pokemon to find in your specific location, the Pokestops and gym location, the map would make you playing Pokemon Go much easier than before. With the map you do not have to scan every corner of your block. Just follow its navigation you will find the Pokemon you want.

Any other tips and tricks?

Rare Pokemon change from place to place, and it depends on a number of factors, including player population, proximity to certain types of landscapes and landmarks, etc. Also, certain Pokemon reside in areas related to their type.