How to downlaod kingroot apk safety

What's the safety apk

When you download apk form the official wehsite,it's the original devlopment version.

It's most safety,if it's have a lot of people to use a long time.

Because kingroot is closed.So you can't download kingroot apk from his official wehsite.

You will download it's apk from thrid party website.Like apk store and so on.

How to know it's safety

You can uplaod your download apk to virustotal(click here),and check the 

thumbprint.Only the official devlopment have the key ,so fake apk doesn't have the same thumbprint.

I have a old version apk(kingroot 4.1) from the official website.So let's look what's the true thumbprint is.

It's Thumbprint:3f1b86a4236666c95dfc889387612e0d810ea977.

Click here to goto the virustotal details .

Let look at who is safe

Search kingroot ,you will have 10 result at google first page.

1urluptodownyesapkFake (click here)
2urluptodownyespctrue2017.3 (click here)
3urlking-root.netlink to uptodown-Link to Fake 
5urlandroidapksfreeyesapktrue2019.3 (click here)
6urlandroidmtkyesapktrue2015.5 (click here)
7urlkingoapplink to apkmirror--
8urltechusefullink to uptodown-Link to Fake 
9urlsoftonicyespctrue2017.3 (click here)
10urlgoogle free siteno-- 

 It's only 30% you can get the true apk. And only 10% have the new version(2019.3).

So good luke and be careful.

If you want to download ,here the kingroot 5.4.0(2019.3).It's official version and from apkmirror(click here).

Uptodown's fake apk signed by's not the real kingroot devlopment.

I will post more detail about kingroot true dev team.

Stay tuned.