How to Fix Google Play Store Error -"491" | Gvido Kusikma

The steps to fix Google Play Store error - ''491'' in case it shows up after rooting with Kingo.

  1. Remove your Google account in phone settings under account management.
  2. Open the SuperSU app in your phone and go to: settings->scroll down to ''Cleanup'' section,there you have 3 options,choose the 1st one ''Reinstall'',then press on Continue and wait a few seconds.
  3. Check the menu if SuperSU app has dissappeared, if yes, then proceed to step 4.
  4. Restart your phone
  5. Add the Google account in phone settings-accounts.
  6. Go to Play store and download and install the SuperSU app again.
  7. If you're using Clean Master or similar,exclude from cleaning Play store & Plays store services Cache.
  8. Wipe the Dalvik Cache trough custom recovery like Clockwork or just use a root fie manager and go to - data/dalvik cache/ and delete everything in that folder.Then restart your phone,1st restart will take loger, because its rebuilding dalvik.

Thats all, in this case, the 491 error was fixed and hasnt apeared again. Thanks to Gvido Kusima, hope this will be usefull to someone who met the same situation