General Knowledge of HTC Bootloader Unlock

What is HTC Bootloader?

The Bootloader is the tool that loads the system software on the device and determines the priority for processes that will run your device. In the simplest terms, this small program controls which applications must run in the startup (boot up) process.
Locking the Bootloader has been a standard security practice in the mobile industry. Locking the Bootloader protects you from malicious software and also allows manufacturers to ensure the device will consistently deliver the intended experience.

What could you do after unlocking your Bootloader?

Unlocking the bootloader means that you now have the ability to customize software on your device. Please note that changing your Bootloader can cause significant issues with your device and once you have unlocked your device, you have agreed to the disclaimer that states a change in warranty status such that in the event you render your device unusable, you are responsible for the recovery of your device, whether by repair or by other means.

Unlocking HTC Bootloader and Unlocking the SIM lock

These two are not the same at all. Unlocking your SIM lock is at the discretion of your operator/carrier and is not part of the Bootloader unlocking scope.

Unlocking HTC Bootloader and S-ON

HTC devices are shipped with Security on (S-ON) to protect your system software configuration (such as the Bootloader, radio, boot, recovery, system and others). After you have unlocked the Bootloader, however, you will have lifted the restrictions on boot, recovery and system. This means you can customize boot, recovery and system images on your phone as you desire. You can easily see that you have successfully unlocked the Bootloader by looking at the top of the screen when entering the Bootloader screen. Security is left on to protect things like the radio, and SIM lock.

Unlocking HTC Bootloader and Warranty Claim

HTC has cautioned users that not all claims resulting or caused by or from the unlocking of the Bootloader may be covered under warranty.  You will not be able to return your device to the original state and your device may not be held covered under the warranty of all claims resulting from the unlocking of the Bootloader. Both HTC and Kingo bear no responsibility if your device is no longer usable afterwards.

How does it work to unlock the Bootloader?

Bootloader Unlock

Why does Kingo fail to unlock your Bootloader?

1. IP Issue

It requires a single IP authentication, and if you are behind a corporate network that may alter your IP address, certain features may not work as intended. We suggest you connect to our software via a direct connection, such as via a home network. We are sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

2. Token Issue

It's possible your phone is using an old software version that does not have the unlock mechanism built in. Try upgrading your phone to the latest update (On your phone HOME > Menu > Settings > About phone > Software updates > Check now) and then try the unlock process again.

Risks Involved in Unlocking HTC Bootloader

Other than voiding your warranty claims, unlocking your Bootloader may also lead to software and hardware damages, dysfunction and else. According to HTC, its devices have been designed with its own hardware and software specifications.

1. Software Damage

Unlocking the Bootloader will change the software and may cause unexpected side effects.  After being unlocked, HTC is impossible to ensure the proper functioning of the device.

2. Hardware Damage

The worst case scenario would be your device being physically damaged due to overheating or the device behavior altered (including but not limited to hearing aid compatibility and specific absorption rate values).


Although your device will still be able to receive updates via FOTA (firmware over the air), it is not guaranteed that updating your device via FOTA will not render your device unusable.

4. HTC One Max

Currently, for security reasons, you cannot access the fingerprint scanner while unlocked.
IMPORTANT: Unlocking Bootloader is a technical procedure and the side effects could possibly necessitate repairs to your device not covered under warranty. And your device may not function as intended by HTC. We strongly suggested that you do not unlock the Bootloader unless you are confident that you understand the risks involved.  Unlocking the Bootloader is for development purposes only.

Supported Devices

Devices launched after 9/2011 will be shipped with the unlock capability. However, due to the discretion of certain operator/carrier, certain models with specific restrictions may not be able to be unlocked.