Magisk Manager| How to Hide Root and Download Modules On Android Devices

Magisk Manager can hide root privilege which enables users to watch Netflix or play Pokemon Go while rooted.

Magisk is one of the most popular and powerful root apps. It helps users to hide root very effectively.

Magisk Manager LinkRoot Android to block ads.

How Magisk Manager Benefit You Android?

  • By using Magisk Hide, you can actually hide the root from gaming apps like Pokemon Go and also any financial apps including banking apps
  • It also has a lot of other functions such as modules that add even more functionality.
  • There are a ton of free modules available on Magisk Manager, from them you can download apps and games to your Android device.
  • You can add your own or custom repositories to get stuff from.

There are certain apps that do not work on rooted devices, for example, a banking app. You had better trying to gain root access before download the Magisk Manager.

How to Root Your Android?

KingoRoot on Windows (PC Version) and KingoRoot can easily and efficiently root your Android with both root apk and PC root software.

The detail tutorial you can refer to: How to root any Android device and version with KingoRoot PC Version?