[ERROR] Root Failed! ConnectionUnstabitil

I am so sure that when you see this, you must be frustrated, maybe even a little pissed. Even the error message is a misspelling, I know.

Normally this error is caused by multi-device connections; Kingo cannot establish connection with the device you need to root. Sometimes, you may wonder, I only connect one device!!! Wait, hear me out.

Another reason for this may be that you have an EMULATOR working on your PC. What the hell is an Emulator, you may ask.

When relating to Android, an Emulator means a "virtual mobile device" that runs on your computer, usually included in the Android SDK. The emulator lets you develop and test Android applications without using a physical device.

Thanks to users that send us the log file and feedback when Kingo failed to root their device, we concludes the following,

  1. Most of them had BlueStacks emulator installed. Thus Kingo would pick up on it instead of the real device. Now, since Kingo does not have the option of devices for you to choose and will automatically try to root the first device found, I suggest you exit from BlueStacks or any emulator like that, and then try again.
  2. Sometimes, Samsung Kies/ HTC Sync Manager and some other software like these will lead to connection failure, device not detect or root failed.