How to Apply Custom Themes on Android Device

Being tired of the default themes and in hopes of customizing their device such as change font or themes may be the reasons why more and more Android users root their device via KingoRoot . After rooting you will be able to have access to custom themes. Such themes are full-size and change the appearance of the notification bar, buttons and so on.  The themes will make your device quite different from the default ones and you can avoid the troubles of sifting through the various themes to find the ones you want.

Before you move forward you should notice that installing themes may slow down the performance of your ROM or lead to force close error. If your device performs much slower after installing the theme please switch to another theme or recover the ROM's default.  Additionally, you should keep in mind that the themes you want to install should be compatible with the specific Android rooted ROM. If the themes you install are not compatible there may be issues about the operating system and can not replace the default theme on your device .

Next we will introduce the tutorial about how to apply a theme on your rooted android device. Each theme has requirements for installation please just read the instructions with the themes.

1.Find the right themes

In the second paragraph we mention that the themes you want to add to your device should work with your rooted device. After searching from the android theme websites : appsapk, phtheme, android-theme, google play store, XDA Forums and more, you should keep in mind that select the compatible ones.

2.Download the themes and rename theme to ""

Download the theme you like on your computer. You can save the theme file on the folder or you can creat a folder where you can find easily and put the theme file in the folder. Rename the theme file to "" by right clicking without extracting it.

If you want to store multiple themes  you can create a folder named "Android Themes" to store all the themes with their original names.

3.Copy the theme file to your SD card

Connect your Android phone to the computer via the USB cable. If your device prompts you for USB mode tap the "USB Mass Storage". Put the file to your phone and keep it on the base directory of your SD card. Operate the Android Themes the same way. Copy it to the SD card first and then rename the copied folder to "".

4.Reboot the phone in Recovery Mode

  • Long press the power button to shut down your phone completely.
  • During the boot up process press the Home and Power buttons simultaneously
  • Keep pressing until the phone vibrates and boot image appears.
  • Release and wait for the recovery mode
  • If have not baked up your flashed Android ROM it is better to create a backup while in the recovery mode in case something went wrong and you can restore your phone to a recent state.

5. Apply theme to your phone

Choose the "Apply Update" option in your recovery mode options. If you're using a custom recovery mode application, the prompt may be slightly different. Press the Home button to confirm the update process. Wait until screen says “Install from sdcard complete". Restart your phone. Your new theme displays as soon as you reboot your device. Usually it takes 5~10 minutes to get updated. Please do not worry if the phone takes a little longer.

You have changed your themes successfully and you can change the theme whenever you want.