Samsung KNOX Counter

If you are not interested in the WHY, I will directly tell you this:

The whole fact is that there is only ONE IN THOUSAND CHANCE that using Kingo Android Root to root your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 would affect KNOX COUNTER and thus so the warranty. Statistically, those rare chances may happen on these following devices, N900, N900s, N9002, N9005, N9008, N9009.

You may probably come across these terms in the following details. Please refer to corresponding pages on knowledge base if you are not aware of them.

  • Samsung Kies
  • Odin Mode/Download Mode (What is & How to enter)
  • KNOX Counter
  • Binary Counter
  • Stock/Custom ROM
  • Stock/Custom Recovery (3rd-party recovery)

It is surely something that would bother Android users who'd like to customize their devices and everything else. There are also reports which indicate that this "flash counter" can keep track of how many times users flash the device with different ROMs.

Clearly, this KNOX Counter is to help Samsung After-sale Service get a better idea of a device and see if users have tampered with the device when it comes to warranty claims. And reportedly, this newly developed KNOX Security technology prevents its KNOX Counter from being reset.

In the previous versions, Samsung used Binary Counter on GALAXY Note 2, GALAXY S3 and earlier devices. Starting with Note 3, KNOX Counter has been used and as a replacement of Binary Counter.

KNOX Counter has the following benefits:
a. Even though your device is lost, the person who stole it cannot use it. Without your account, the device cannot be reset to factory settings and flashed with any ROM.

b. KNOX protects your private data and information with its advanced technology.

Here is the official link to White Paper: An Overview of Samsung KNOX

Gow to check the KNOX Counter of your Note 3?
Not all GALAXY Note 3 come with a KNOX Counter, however, only some of them do.
  • So if your Note 3 has a KNOX Counter, you will see something in Odin Mode like: KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0×0 (Only if your device is a "virgin")
  • Knox 0-0
  • Or otherwise you will see it like this: KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0×1 (You have flagged/tripped the KNOX Counter when installing a custom recovery, such as CWM/TWRP.)
  • Knox 0-1

KNOX Counter and Warranty?
You should have a good idea of the relationship between these two when you see the sign, KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0×0. That means, yes, your warranty will be voided immediately when the Knox Counter is flagged/tripped.

Usually, there are two factors to take into consideration when it comes to warranty claims. One is ROOT status. The other is this KNOX Counter/Binary Counter.

As to the ROOT status, as long as you remove your root in a traceless manner, it wouldn't be a problem.

As to KNOX counter, once it is flagged/tripped (as in "KNOX WARRANTY VOID: 0×1"), you lose your warranty immediately. And more, any benefit this KNOX Tech provides you is compromised and no longer available.

How does this KNOX Counter work? Under what circumstances will KNOX Counter be flagged or tripped?
The KNOX Counter WILL NOT be flagged or tripped when using Samsung Kies or Odin to flash a stock ROM.

The KNOX Counter WILL BE flagged or tripped when you flash a third-party Recovery (like CWM/TWRP) or custom ROM.

How does Kingo Android Root work? And what effect would it have on KNOX Counter?
Generally, there are two approaches we have adopted to make root happen:

One is through exploiting the security weakness in the operating system of Android instead of Kies/Odin, which will not trip or flag KNOX Counter. And most models of GALAXY Note 3 are fallen into this column;

Another one is through flashing custom recovery when the first solution could not get your device rooted, which is rarely employed and will trip/flag your KNOX Counter.

Can I revert this KNOX Counter back just like what Triangle Away Apps did with the Binary Counter?
On previous devices as we mentioned earlier, the Binary Counter could be reset to 0 when using available software, which makes the device eligible for warranty support.

There are rumors, no, certainties, that developers are now working on this issue so you can revert back just like the good old days when you use Triangle Away App with your Binary Counter. But for now, there has been no tested way yet.  So what you are gonna do is to hold your breath and wait.

What should You do?
Now if you have already flagged or tripped your KNOX Counter, just relax and wait for a solution because there is nothing you could do about it at this moment.

If you are those free-spirit Android players that are habitual warranty voiders, then you should not have this concern at all

If you are certain worrier and couldn't sleep because of losing warranty or maybe warranty lost, I suggest you stop whatever you are doing to your Note 3 and enjoy it without tampering with it, at least not during the warranty claim period.