Download Mode / Odin Mode

What is Download/Odin Mode?

Odin mode, also known as Download mode, is a mode for SAMSUNG only. It is a state that allows you to flash firmware through Odin or other desktop software. When in Download mode, you will see s triangle with an Android image in it and says "Downloading..."

Got Stuck in Download Mode, What to do?

If you stuck on the Download mode, or saying that you are stuck on the "Downloading..." screen, you can just remove and re-insert the battery then power the phone back on.

NOTE that if you unplug your device or remove the battery of your device when you are flashing firmware while in download mode, your phone probably won't turn on anymore and be bricked.

Download Mode is essentially the same as Bootloader Mode.

How to access Odin Mode / Download Mode?

The key combos may vary by device. Generally, it's some combination of holding a volume key or both volume keys and plugging in a USB cable that is plugged into a computer while the phone is powered off.