Kingo Android Root - Brand assurance from Kingosoft Technology Ltd.

Years of development

With the booming of the mobile Internet, we gain and access information not only from the traditional desktop environment, gradually moving toward a more freely environment. In 2011, Kingo R&D Team made a clear products development strategy and concentrate into Android operating system research and development.

Highly trained R & D team

Adhering to the philosophy of Kingosoft, R & D Team has committed to develop several wonderful programs and applications to help Android users around the world to achieve the best user experience .

Unparalleled support for 24/7

What makes Kingosoft exceptional is probably because its responsible attitude, which is not only exerted in researching and developing, but also the technical support for its users.

Live the philosophy of Kingosoft

Professionalism leads to perfection. The philosophy is to make it easy for users to operate while allowing the program to be most effective in solving hard problems. It requires professionalism, which inevitably leads to perfection.