Android Root
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Support almost every Android device and all Android versions.
Android Root
Risk Free – No risk of bricking or damaging your device.
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Minimal manipulations – Download, Connect, Click to root, and done!
Remove Root at any time – Android Root comes with UNRoot function.

Expert Reviews

  • Redmodpie Reviews for Kingo Android Root

    "It was the most pleasant one-click root experience that I’ve had to date, considering that it was most hassle-free and true one-click method."

    By Aatif | September 27th, 2013
  • "Kingo Android Root. It's free, and based on my initial tests with a Virgin Mobile Supreme, it works like a charm."

    By Rick Broida | October 18, 2013

Kingo Android Root 1.2.8 Release

1. Added an auxiliary wizard to improve stability when rooting.
2. Fixed several bugs concerning link relations to improve success rate.
3. Optimized rooting scripts and UI.
4. Detailed instructions of how to enable USB Debugging mode.